Introducing our first product, Ostrii.


Ostrii is a platform revolutionising how financial education is delivered in rural communities worldwide:

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What is included?

We are reimagining and redefining the delivery of financial education to fulfil the current needs of a Post-COVID19 World.

We are currently building content for our first product, Ostrii, which leverages 3D/2D animation, expert videos, comic books, games and quizzes to empower local partners in teaching rural communities on:

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Rural Inclusion is a UK based non-profit organisation which focuses on driving digital financial inclusion in rural communities worldwide through innovative education and research.

Rural Inclusion is attempting to bridge the gap between rural consumers and financial providers to drive digital financial inclusion in regions that are currently largely excluded from the formal economy in developing countries.

We are keen to engage and partner with individuals and organisations committed to financial inclusion and education.
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Email: [email protected]